6 chatbot best practices for e-commerce sites

6 Best Ecommerce Chatbot Tools for Your Online Store 2023

chatbot e-commerce

Chatbots can take over up to 80 percent of the most frequently asked questions. Instead of your team having to answer the same questions over and over again, just have a chatbot manage the most common queries. Integrating an AI chatbot into your e-commerce business can seem like a challenge at first, especially if you want to use the bot on several channels. However, there are ready-to-go solutions out there that don’t require neither a lot of time nor IT skills to get you started.

  • In all, the bot creates a personalized experience for users, streamlines the sales process to increase purchases, and collects valuable data for H&M to use for higly relevant retargeting efforts.
  • Figure out which chat platforms your buyers use most frequently, and track your bot analytics to understand how the technology can better serve your customers.
  • This negative perception of AI-enabled chatbots will even have negative effects on their perception of the brands or companies.
  • Now, you’re probably wondering – how do I choose the best chatbot platform?

Imagine your website visitor entering your website without having a clear idea about what to buy. Your casual website visitor needs a shopping assistant to guide them through your products. Advanced chatbot technology talks with the customers like a human and helps them find products. Haptik also allows you to contact customers from Instagram, Facebook, and your site.

key metrics to monitor on your eCommerce chatbot

Before discussing the features to look out for in eCommerce AI chatbots, let’s have a background study on AI chatbots and their importance in eCommerce. Ever been in a meeting where a lot was discussed, but no one sent out any post-meeting notes or follow-up items? Ochatbot has plugins for eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magneto, WooCommerce, and Big commerce as well as integrating with other platforms by adding a unique script to the site. When a shopper adds a product to their cart, Ochatbot encourages them to buy similar products or related accessories with upselling and cross-selling strategies. Amelia also speaks multiple languages, so you’ll be able to provide easy support for customers in another country.

Most important, the chatbot makes it easier for customers to search for, find, and buy products. Use these insights to improve user flow, and checkout experience. You can also use them to improve chatbot conversation prompts and replies. Again, setting up and tracking chatbot analytics will vary depending on the platform. This comes out of the box in Heyday, and includes various ways to segment and view customer chatbot data. Edit your welcome and absence message to match your brand’s voice and tone.

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From using the customer’s name to making tailored product recommendations, personalisation can greatly enhance the customer experience. Instead, they use our DocuSense technology to reply to customers with answers pulled directly from documents that they upload to their chatbot. Using Engati, they were able to create an intelligent chatbot that engages customers in Dutch. They even managed to achieve a two-week time to value for their bot.

chatbot e-commerce

Integration is an important factor to consider before getting any tool for your eCommerce business. For an AI chatbot for eCommerce, integrations with marketing tools, CRM software, payment software, and sometimes purchase software are important. Context matters big-time in user experience, and especially for a chat. So you need to show you’re aware of where your visitor is, and what they might want to see or do at any particular place and time. With the Sephora chatbot, customers find products related to their fashion choices and taste. This chatbot also allows customers to find the perfect lipstick shade using a virtual makeover experience.

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Amazon rallies on cloud optimism as it chases Microsoft for AI … – Reuters

Amazon rallies on cloud optimism as it chases Microsoft for AI ….

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MobileMonkey is another best E-commerce chatbot that uses AI-powered technology to engage customers better and answer their questions more quickly. To ensure the chatbot is working correctly and responding with accurate information, extensively test it. It involves evaluating its proficiency with natural language processing and ability to manage various questions and deliver pertinent answers. Find a platform for eCommerce chatbots that can integrate with your e-commerce platform, satisfies your criteria, and research it.


Turing proposed the Turing test to determine AI or machine intelligence in 1950 (Turing and Haugeland, 1950). A machine that passed the Turing test can be identified as more realistic and human-like, which makes it more compelling for consumers (Gilbert and Forney, 2015). Thus, the realistic and human-like characteristics of the chatbots will have a great impact on the usability of the chatbot. In the e-commerce service, AI has been applied in the form of text-based chatbots that can respond to consumers’ requests automatically (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2019).

chatbot e-commerce

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